Important RV Truck Sales – Buying Facts!

There are 2 main purposes for using truck scales: (1) for weighing both gross vehicle weight and axle weight, and (2) charging or selling by weight. These large scales are used in industries such as mines, quarries, electrical equipment, garbage dumps/ recycling centers and other industries that manufacture or move heavy or bulky items. A single axle truck scale is used to determine if the truck is not overloaded, so you can avoid being stopped by the authorities on the road and be fined. It is also used by the police at temporary road intercepts or over the weighing stations on the road.

Buying truck scales is a wise investment. However, because it is an investment, and not a cheap one, you have to do some research and give it some thoughts. You need to be sure that you get your dollars’ worth when you buy a large-scale. First off, you should know which kind of scale you need. There are generally 2 types of scales:

  1. Axle load scales that can weigh 1 or 2 axles at a time, and
  2. Full length truck scales that can weigh the whole truck one time.

The first type of scale costs less, but often they are subject to errors. RV Sales are a better option especially if you have the budget and also the room for setting it up. The installation of full length scales may either be portable or permanent. Portable installation needs a framework on wooden beams, or a concrete slab, or even dirt, or any prepared surface. There is also a need for access ramps on either end. What makes this type of installation more expensive is the lower framework. Because these scales are portable, they can be moved from site to site more easily.

The permanently installed scales may be placed above the ground, or on a pit. This pit style scale has several advantages over the portable style. The main benefit seen is easy access to the scale. It therefore does not require entry and exit ramps. The pit style also offers the capability to add a dump-chute for unloading bulk goods such as grains. The major release why pit type scales are expensive is because of excavation and construction of the pit.

You also have a choice of platform materials for both the permanent and portable styles of truck scales. You can choose from concrete, steel plate, or wood in some cases. The material that you will select will depend on the how you use the scale, and also on your personal preference. But concrete is less slippery when wet. It also does not rust, is not damaged by chemicals. Also very little maintenance is needed, and offers long years of service.

There are other considerations that you may need to factor in, but the above information should be enough to guide you in buying these heavy-duty scales. Prices, along with the advantages of every feature, should be taken into account when you buy scales.

Why You will invest in car covers?

People generally tend to belittle the use of car covers for protecting the car body. Car owners often ignore the most importance of car covers is that it protects the car body and its parts from dust particles and weather. Without a car cover the car body lies naked to the surroundings and can be victimised to any kind of damages. There are a lot many ways in which a car body can be damaged. These includes unintentional accidents which might lead to permanent damage of the car body.

Reasons to invest in car covers

The main and basic reason to invest in a car cover is to safeguard it from effects such as weather, environmental hazards, thieves and burglars and animals and bird damages. Weather nuisances such as lightning, heavy rain, excessive moisture and snowfall might damage the exterior as well as the interior of your car. The harmful UV rays are also part responsible for gradual withering away of the car body. The UV rays directly affect the finishing of your car and plays a direct role in destroying the texture and composition of the body parts. Apart from UV resistant weather shield protection your car will be needing a suitable cover to defend itself from any kind of through rays and particulates. Excessive moisture is also a reason for you to consider investing in car covers. Moistures affect the finish of the car body and the paint and completely dishevels the texture of the body.

Animals and birds are also a definite reason to consider buying car covers. This is because bird droppings and animal disturbances might lead to scratches in your car. Also disturbances created by babies and adults unintentionally. Your car is usually the most vulnerable to scratches which are very much annoying for us. Heavy rain is also a problem to worry about as and when you park your car in or outside the garage without any cover, there remains a high probability that your car will be affected by these kind of weather nuisances.

Car covers act as an armour to the car body and shields against all kinds of particulates and dust particles and other factors. Hence investing in car covers will be beneficiary for you in the long run.

What Should You Do If the Brakes Go Out on Your Car?

It’s a nightmare scenario that happens all too often. You’re driving along in traffic or on the highway and as you attempt to apply the brakes, nothing happens. The car continues moving at its present speed and no matter how hard you stamp down on the brake pedal, there’s no response. There could be any number of reasons why the brakes have failed, none of which really matter at the moment because you can’t stop your automobile. But instead of switching to panic mode and screaming in terror, keep a level head and take these necessary steps to stopping the car safely and quickly.

Shift to a Lower Gear

If you’re driving a manual transmission, this may be a second nature step for you since it’s possible you already slow your motor vehicle using the gear shift. But most drivers have cars with automatic transmissions and they may not be well-versed in the concept of downshifting to slow or stop their vehicle. However, it’s very simple but it has to be handled carefully. In your fear and panic you may be tempted to throw it out of Drive and into the nearest numbered gear. But do it slowly and you won’t go into a skid. Downshifting is also vital to solving your issue because putting it into Neutral gives you absolutely no control over the car. You need it in gear to get the slowing effect.

Pump the Brakes

Sure, they didn’t work the first two or three times you stomped on the brake pedal. But you should try pumping the brakes as you’re downshifting as this will help to increase pressure in the brake fluid and possibly bring your brakes back, albeit temporarily. But, and this is a big but, never do this with anti-lock brakes. If you have anti-lock brakes or pumping isn’t getting the job done, you have another option.

Engage the Parking Brake

The parking or emergency brake is designed to keep your car in place when parked. But while you’re currently rolling at 40mph right into an intersection with a red light, it’s going to be your closest ally to prevent you from colliding with something or someone. Grab it and pull it up. If you have a pedal activated parking brake, step down. Do both of these smoothly and not too quickly. It may not stop the car completely but it will slow the vehicle considerably and should work well in conjunction with your downshifting.

Pull to the Shoulder

Once you’ve regained control of the vehicle and you’ve caught your breath again, pull over immediately. The car is no longer safe to drive on the road. You may not be thinking clearly from the panic and fear you’ve just experienced, so be careful about other drivers around you. Make sure you put your hazard lights on to alert motorists that you are pulling over and be sure to check your mirrors if you need to change lanes to get off the road.

The best way to avoid incurring any car repair costs is to have your brake pads, drums, and fluid routinely checked. This is one of the most important car maintenance tips of which you should be aware since the brakes of the car are so vital to ensuring your safe travels from point A to point B.


Electric vs Petrol – Are Petrol Cars Dead?

As a true petrolhead seeing the above title makes me cringe. How can anything compare to a lovely sound of a crackling V8. Go back 10 years and all the best cars in the world were powered by petrol and all other forms of fuel had either performance issues or were not refined. As we now head into an era of reducing pollution, electric cars are now showing that they may start leading the way as the designs have finally got better and the range has now improved too.

When driving an electric car the first thing you will notice is how eerily quiet they are compared to petrol, you will either love this or find it very weird. If in the past you have had experience in more powerful petrol cars, where the noise of the engine and the exhaust note play a part in the experience, then electric cars maybe a bit of struggle. However if you are more used to the standard ‘family bus’, then the lack of noise may be a positive step forward, particularly if you have been driving a diesel powered vehicle.


Early electric car were often very ugly and had to have some form of petrol engine to back them up. Thankfully this has now changed and car manufactures like BMW produced the i8 which is how cars should look.

The BMW i3 may not look as nice as the i8 but the i3 is still very well built and handles very well and looks better than a standard small hatch. Certainly enough for thousands of people to think it’s time to ‘sell my car’ and upgrade to electric!

Tesla are another manufacture that have made great looking electric cars. Their Model X, Model S and model 3 all look very modern and are powered by a fully electric motor.


It has to be said that electric and hybrid car will soon lead the way in the motor industry. As the science gets more advanced and the cars have a wider range, it will be hard to ignore their presence. At the moment the cost of a basic electric car is much higher than its petrol equivalent, once prices start coming down, it will hard to find a reason not to buy one. Although the buying price is higher, it is worth factoring in the running cost over 3 years. Not having to buy petrol and having little or no road tax to pay could make electric cars a more cost effective option.