Electric vs Petrol – Are Petrol Cars Dead?

As a true petrolhead seeing the above title makes me cringe. How can anything compare to a lovely sound of a crackling V8. Go back 10 years and all the best cars in the world were powered by petrol and all other forms of fuel had either performance issues or were not refined. As we now head into an era of reducing pollution, electric cars are now showing that they may start leading the way as the designs have finally got better and the range has now improved too.

When driving an electric car the first thing you will notice is how eerily quiet they are compared to petrol, you will either love this or find it very weird. If in the past you have had experience in more powerful petrol cars, where the noise of the engine and the exhaust note play a part in the experience, then electric cars maybe a bit of struggle. However if you are more used to the standard ‘family bus’, then the lack of noise may be a positive step forward, particularly if you have been driving a diesel powered vehicle.


Early electric car were often very ugly and had to have some form of petrol engine to back them up. Thankfully this has now changed and car manufactures like BMW produced the i8 which is how cars should look.

The BMW i3 may not look as nice as the i8 but the i3 is still very well built and handles very well and looks better than a standard small hatch. Certainly enough for thousands of people to think it’s time to ‘sell my car’ and upgrade to electric!

Tesla are another manufacture that have made great looking electric cars. Their Model X, Model S and model 3 all look very modern and are powered by a fully electric motor.


It has to be said that electric and hybrid car will soon lead the way in the motor industry. As the science gets more advanced and the cars have a wider range, it will be hard to ignore their presence. At the moment the cost of a basic electric car is much higher than its petrol equivalent, once prices start coming down, it will hard to find a reason not to buy one. Although the buying price is higher, it is worth factoring in the running cost over 3 years. Not having to buy petrol and having little or no road tax to pay could make electric cars a more cost effective option.