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MyCar is an Icelandic service that offers tourists a safe and affordable option to view the country: driving tours. The MyCar facilities are conveniently located in the Reykjanes Peninsula, in the south-western region of Iceland. In close proximity to Keflavik International Airport, clients can board a free shuttle to the MyCar offices. MyCar offers an array of competitively priced packages for its clients, contingent on their desired stay. Prepackaged itineraries include directions for local drives against the coast of the peninsula for those with shorter Icelandic visits. The largest MyCar package offers comprehensive plans that allow a client to circumnavigate the entire country, while taking in all the amenities and culture that Iceland historically offers. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Partnership with Toyota Motor Corp

The quality of MyCar’s products and services is of paramount importance to the company. To ensure that its clients have the optimally enjoyable, reliable, safe, yet still affordable experience while in Iceland, MyCar proudly partners with Toyota Motor Corporation for all its rental options. This partnership does not end with automobiles, as MyCarclients also have the full benefits of Toyota’s international service network. This includes a 24/7 emergency roadside assistance service for any situation. This is important to provide complete safety to those that rent a car in Iceland.

Icelandic Diving

Before drivers begin their tours, they should invest time in learning Icelandic traffic laws. Headlines must be engaged always. While signs clearly indicate the severity of impending turns, they do not indicate the optimal speed limit a driver should consider. Icelandic roads feature a variety of driving surfaces. Although off-road and mark tracked driving are illegal, large highways can still sport a gravel face that requires a higher level of concentration for motorists to properly conduct their automobiles. Likewise, drivers should maintain a high-level attention when turning, as many roads have blind corners. Animals often cross Icelandic roads, consequently, drivers should take heed of this as well. Most highways have two lanes; a driver may overtake a leading car via the left lane when safe. Driving under the influence is obviously prohibited by law. It could get you into a lot of trouble while driving in Iceland.

Why MyCar?

MyCar ensures that its clients an experience with impeccable service and quality. Clients may experience the beauty of Iceland at their own leisure. MyCar’s services and products allow clientele to schedule their own customized trips, simply offering suggestions and the directions needed to fulfill even the most ambitious Iceland itineraries. Prospective clients can read hundreds of testimonials from international customers on various platforms of social media, including Facebook, and InstagramMyCar is garnering acclaim not only in Europe, but internationally, as well. MyCar agents can be reached at MyCar ensures that its clients an experience with impeccable service and quality. Clients may experience the beauty of Iceland at their own leisure. Please visit today to start planning your very own ideally customized Icelandic driving plan today.