Important RV Truck Sales – Buying Facts!

There are 2 main purposes for using truck scales: (1) for weighing both gross vehicle weight and axle weight, and (2) charging or selling by weight. These large scales are used in industries such as mines, quarries, electrical equipment, garbage dumps/ recycling centers and other industries that manufacture or move heavy or bulky items. A single axle truck scale is used to determine if the truck is not overloaded, so you can avoid being stopped by the authorities on the road and be fined. It is also used by the police at temporary road intercepts or over the weighing stations on the road.

Buying truck scales is a wise investment. However, because it is an investment, and not a cheap one, you have to do some research and give it some thoughts. You need to be sure that you get your dollars’ worth when you buy a large-scale. First off, you should know which kind of scale you need. There are generally 2 types of scales:

  1. Axle load scales that can weigh 1 or 2 axles at a time, and
  2. Full length truck scales that can weigh the whole truck one time.

The first type of scale costs less, but often they are subject to errors. RV Sales are a better option especially if you have the budget and also the room for setting it up. The installation of full length scales may either be portable or permanent. Portable installation needs a framework on wooden beams, or a concrete slab, or even dirt, or any prepared surface. There is also a need for access ramps on either end. What makes this type of installation more expensive is the lower framework. Because these scales are portable, they can be moved from site to site more easily.

The permanently installed scales may be placed above the ground, or on a pit. This pit style scale has several advantages over the portable style. The main benefit seen is easy access to the scale. It therefore does not require entry and exit ramps. The pit style also offers the capability to add a dump-chute for unloading bulk goods such as grains. The major release why pit type scales are expensive is because of excavation and construction of the pit.

You also have a choice of platform materials for both the permanent and portable styles of truck scales. You can choose from concrete, steel plate, or wood in some cases. The material that you will select will depend on the how you use the scale, and also on your personal preference. But concrete is less slippery when wet. It also does not rust, is not damaged by chemicals. Also very little maintenance is needed, and offers long years of service.

There are other considerations that you may need to factor in, but the above information should be enough to guide you in buying these heavy-duty scales. Prices, along with the advantages of every feature, should be taken into account when you buy scales.